Our Mission

Have you ever used a product or service that exceeded your expectations? A product or service that you will gladly use again? One that you would recommend to family or friends?


Most businesses offer products or services that only meet the expectations of their customers. A few, however, actually offer products or services that actually exceed their customer's expectations.

In the Miami Valley, there are a few businesses that stand a "cut above" the competition. These companies have been providing exceptional quality to their customers for years. To make the public aware of these outstanding companies, our association, the Quality Assurance Group, was formed.

The members of the Quality Assurance Group are some of the best local businesses in the Miami Valley. They are the select few that have been exceeding customer expectations year after year.

If you are looking for a top quality product or service, then we invite you to search our website to find our member businesses.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please come back regularly for announcements about our new members and new information about our group.

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Our Founding Members

The Quality Assurance Group says thank you to its founding members. Without their support and encouragement, the Quality Assurance Group would not be in existence. Each founding member truly represents what the Quality Assurance Group is all about, which is bringing together and promoting those businesses that offer the best products or services in their respective industries. Below are some of the founding members of the Quality Assurance Group.